Contract packaging

one stop source for packaging, warehousing, and distribution

inbound materials

By Interstate or Rail. Material Storage Available.

Packaging & Labeling

Bag, Jug, or Pail. Automatic or Manual Options.



Warehousing, Inventory, & Order Fulfillment.


By Interstate or Rail throughout Great Lakes Region.

Flat Rock Bagging streamlines the entire process by being your one stop source for packaging, warehousing, and distribution for the Midwest / Great Lakes region.  We are equipped to manage one time collaborations or long-term contracts.  Our on-site solutions are scalable to your contract packaging needs.  In bound materials can arrive by interstate or rail to any of our three convenient Michigan locations. Our packaging capabilities include bags, jugs, or pails in plastic, paper, or woven bulk totes ranging from 10 kg to 4000 lbs bulk bags. Private labeling is available on individual  goods or on each pallet.

Flat Rock Bagging offers Warehouse Inventory Management of PMI and finished goods allowing enhanced productivity and production.  Our experienced distribution channels in the Great Lakes region, slashes freight and logistics costs. Contact us today for your contract packaging quote.


Our 3 Michigan locations can receive bulk material via interstate highway or rail.

Our 2 Southeast Michigan plants are conveniently located close to vessel unloading facilities.

Coordination of bulk material deliveries.

Transloading Opportunities


Packaging and private labeling design consulting

Private Labeling available for select product lines.

Jug and pail filling capabilities.

Bag capabilities from 10kg to 4000 lbs bulk bags.

Packing available in Plastic, Paper, or Woven Bulk Totes

High speed, high volume production lines.

Palletizing, an array of  cover options, and stretch wrap


In bound bulk material storage and warehousing.

Indoor or outdoor storage

Order fulfillment and delivery capabilities.

Warehouse Inventory Management of PMI and finished goods.


Three plant locations in Michigan are conveniently located to distribute to the Midwest & Great Lakes region.

Loudout / Mixed Truck Loads Available

Ship / Receive by Interstate and Rail