Flat Rock Bagging is a regional packager and distributor of abrasives, industrial sand products, and ice melt products for the Midwest Great Lakes region.  We offer private labeling, custom packaging, and distribution of bagged and bulk materials to a vast array of markets and industries including:  major corporations, contractors, distributors, and retailers.

Many of the products we carry were specifically chosen for their high quality and environmentally friendly nature – some which are manufactured from recycled materials.


Flat Rock Bagging began in 1962 as an offshoot of the old Flat Rock Quarry in Downriver Michigan.  Founded by brothers Sonny and Roger Brown, they noticed that Detroit area sandblasters would periodically scavenge the fine dust that piled up from the quarrying operations.  This sparked the idea of bagging the sand and selling it to sandblasting firms.  In the old days, all bagging was done by hand.  As the company grew, Flat Rock Bagging responded by expanding its services to the Great Lakes Region and product offerings to include commercial  & industrial sands, aggregates, ice melt, and salts.


Today, giant hoppers feed bulk materials into automated machinery, with an end result of bagged products.  Daily, with three plants combined, we have the capacity to turn out more than 20,000 bags.  As a processor of bulk materials, Flat Rock Bagging bags about 145,000 tons of material annually, sending out over 4 million bags of product a year.  With three facilities in Michigan, Flat Rock Bagging now offers private labeling, custom packaging, and distribution of bagged and bulk materials to major corporations, contractors, distributors, and retailers across the Midwest Great Lakes Region.


Looking to the future, Flat Rock Bagging’s continued success is rooted in the vision of our Michigan founders.  They believed in “keeping costs down”, while providing superior products and service to their customers.  We take pride in carrying on the tradition of providing competitive pricing and delivering high quality products to a vast array of regional markets. Customer service and satisfaction remains to be our number one priority.