Flat Rock Bagging is a regional packager and distributor offering a wide range of products and services; including both bagged and bulk materials.

At Flat Rock Bagging, we take pride in building long term business relationships by providing our customers with competitive pricing, high quality products, and personalized service.   For additional information on the products and services offered through Flat Rock Bagging, please contact a customer service representative at (734) 782-2073, or by email.

Mixed Truckload Discounts

Receive the benefit of volume discounting, by taking advantage of our Mixed Truckload Program.

Become a Distributor

To learn more about becoming a distributor of our products, please contact our Sales Department.

Order Fulfillment

We streamline the entire fulfillment process by offering comprehensive order management and logistic services.

Easy Credit Terms

Establish a Business Account with us for ease of ordering and the fastest service possible.