Flat Rock Bagging offers both bagged and bulk materials to a vast array of markets and industries including:  major corporations, contractors, distributors, and retailers.  Many of the products we carry were specifically chosen for their high quality, environmentally-friendly nature – some which are manufactured from recycled materials. For additional information on the products and services offered through Flat Rock Bagging, please contact the Customer Service Department at (734) 782-2073 or by email.

Contract Packaging

Small volume or one time to large long term custom label possibilities.

Commercial Sands

Various gradations, sizes and shapes of sands and quartz used in a variety of commercial applications.


Over twenty-two types of packaged sands including industrial sands, commercial sands, play sand and sweeping sand.


Vermicompost with worm casting, and polymeric sand is a portion of all your restock landscape needs.

Abrasive Media

We are an authorized distributor of BLACK BEAUTY® the most commonly used abrasive media for removing paint and rust from steel and concrete.