Mixed Truckload

To receive the benefit of volume discounting, many customers take advantage of our Mixed Truckload program. Through this program, customers have the ability to combine orders across multiple products lines (sand, soil, rock, deicers, and mulch) into a single truckload delivery.

This program is not only a cost-savings, but it helps our customers manage inventory levels and reduce unnecessary trucking expenses.

  • Cut delivery and freight charges associated with less-than-truckload deliveries.
  • Reduce the likelihood of out-of-stock items.
  • Eliminate the extra paperwork associated with processing multiple purchase orders and invoices.
  • Reduce the time spent reordering inventory.
  • Assure product supply, meets customer demands.
  • Decrease the number of deliveries to warehouse facilities.
  • Efficiently manage warehouse and the delivery schedules.
  • Lower labor and handling costs associated with multiple deliveries.


For additional information on our Mixed Truckload Program, please contact our Marketing Department.