Landscape Mulch

Majestic Mulch premium mulch products are comprised of 100% organic materials harvested from select hardwood trees.  Only the highest quality wood fibers and bark are recycled and composted to make these superior mulch products.  No pressure treated (CCA) wood, no pallets or plywood, and no non-organic additives, or chemicals are used.


  • Conserves soil moisture
  • Aids weed control
  • Moderates soil temperature by insulating the soil surface
  • Reduces soil erosion from wind or water
  • Slowly increases soil fertility through decomposition
Cedar Mulch is made of all natural cedar bark blends. This mulch is finely shredded and has a beautiful golden brown color.2 cu. ft. 70 bags per pallet. Average coverage 8 sq. ft. at 3″ depth
Hardwood Mulch consists of a blend of premium barks from a variety of hardwood trees.  This finely shredded mulch is a rich chocolate color .2 cu. ft. 80 bags per pallet. Average coverage 8 sq. ft. / 3″ depth
Color Enhanced Mulch consists of the same high-quality materials as the hardwood mulch, but it has been specially dyed with environmentally friendly colorings to provide a vibrant, long lasting appearance.  Available in Black, Red, Brown, and Gold .2 cu. ft. 70 bags per pallet. Average coverage 8 sq. ft. / 3″ depth