Contract Packaging

One of the major aspects of Flat Rock Bagging’s business is private labeling and contract packaging for various industrial and retail trades.

With both fully automatic and manual bagging lines, Flat Rock Bagging processes more than 145,000 tons of bulk material annually and ships out over 4 million bags of product each year.  Our three locations in Michigan are conveniently located to receive bulk material via interstate highway or rail.

Bagging services include:

  • Handling both long and short-term projects
  • Packaging in either paper or plastic
  • Private labeling services
  • Bag capabilities from 20 lb to 4000 lbs bulk bags
  • Jug and pail capabilities
  • Coordination of bulk material deliveries
  • Truck and railcar loading and unloading
  • Bulk material storage
  • High speed, high volume production lines
  • Warehousing of finished materials
  • Palletizing, stretch wrap, and pallet covers
  • Order fulfillment and delivery capabilities

We can deliver completed contract orders through our order fulfillment service or coordinate with common carriers for the shipment of packaged materials.

To learn more about contract bagging, please contact our Customer Service Department.