Commercial Sand

Flat Rock Bagging offers a wide variety (over twenty-two) of gradations, sizes, and shapes of sand.  Special care is taken during the material sourcing, handling, and packaging of these sands to ensure our customers receive the highest quality product available. The use for sand is endless, but the most common applications include:  asphalt seal coating, filtration, epoxy flooring, precast concrete, masonry, glass production and drainage. 

*Silica sands contain Crystalline Silica (Quartz).  Breathing respirable Crystalline Silica dust can cause Silicosis, a lung disease that can lead to serious breathing difficulties.  Follow OSHA and other applicable health standards for the use of Crystalline Silica. See product SDS for additional information.

Silica Quartz

These medium to extra course quartz sands are processed, screened and graded to assure uniform grain size and consistency.

Silica Sands

Commercial sands which are screened and graded to produce the finest naturally white sand.