Flat Rock Bagging is an exclusive distributor of BLACK BEAUTY® coal slag abrasives – one of the most widely known environmentally-friendly industrial abrasive products in the industry.  Though commonly used as an abrasive media, BLACK BEAUTY® can also be used in seal coating, water filtration, artificial golf course greens, cigarette disposal systems and fish aquariums.  For additional information on the products and services offered through Flat Rock Bagging, please contact the Customer Service Department at (734) 782-2073, or by email.

BLACK BEAUTY® is a registered trademark of Harsco Minerals
Blastox® is a registered trademark The TDJ Group, Inc

For Water Filtration

BLACK BEAUTY® product grades Extra Course, Course, and Medium conform to wastewater treatment media requirements.

For Sealcoat Applications

BLACK BEAUTY® coal slag meets sealcoat industry specifications and standards for use in mixing aggregate with coal tar emulsions, crack fillers, and epoxies for sealcoat jobs.

For Paint & Rust Removal

BLACK BEAUTY® is most commonly used as an abrasive media for removing paint and rust from steel and concrete on – both indoors and outdoors.

With Blastox

Blastox® is a granular chemical additive that is pre-blended with BLACK BEAUTY® to render lead waste non-hazardous.